Guest Column | December 11, 2012

Power Up Your Future... NOW

Amber Murdock

By Amber Murdock

POWER. What does it mean to you? When it comes to RSPA education, POWER has meaning. It is a five point commitment to you, our members, ensuring that you become more powerful and successful in 2013.

P - Preparation

Both the retail and technology industries are currently in a state of continuous growth and improvement. Put them together, and you have an industry that is ripe for progression. With the advent of new technologies and the innovative opportunities for the retail marketplace, retail technology is poised to evolve in major ways, yet again. We’ve weathered the changes before, and we know our industry will thrive in the new technological realities of tomorrow. We want to prepare you for developments that are imminent in our industry’s future. Don’t have an in-house education team? Let RSPA step in and provide you with the tools you need to help your business thrive. Be ready for the curves, with RSPA education.

O - Ownership

Starting with our 2013 kick-off event, INSPIRE, we will be introducing the concept of ownership via our featured keynote speaker, Tom Bouwer, of Ownership Thinking. We want to build on an “Ownership Thinking” mindset throughout the year. Our education offerings will help every member of the team learn to feel accountable for their company’s success. We start by helping each retail technology professional in every member company gain the knowledge they need to take their personal skill set to new heights. We hope that empowering the individual will lead to an increase in levels of commitment within each organization.

Download this feature below to read about the W, E, and R aspects of the RSPA POWER Education Commitment Statement.