Article | March 9, 2015

Planning, Metrics, Monitoring Are Necessary To Enter A New Vertical

Source: CompTIA

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

Planning for success

The CompTIA article, “Moving Into Vertical Markets,” prepared by Ken Thoreson of Acumen Management Group, details ways VARs can move into vertical or niche markets. The benefits of serving a new market can be significant, including higher revenues and better margins.

CompTIA suggests the first steps should involve planning: creating a market profile and identifying sales targets. To begin creating a market profile, list the top five characteristics of what would be an ideal client for you in that market, identify the number of clients in the market — and then the number of those clients that match your list of characteristics. Use the profile to identify sales targets — CompTIA suggest the top 150, based on annual revenue, the number of employees, and locations.

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