Case Study

Pivot3 High-Definition Storage Helps The City Of Long Beach Grow Its Video Surveillance As Valuable Police Tool

Source: Pivot3

Since 1961, the City of Long Beach, California, has been undergoing a major revitalization campaign. The Long Beach Redevelopment Agency is leading the effort to transform the historic urban area located some twenty miles south of Los Angeles. Over the course of the past 45 years, the once blighted industrial city has re-emerged as a thriving modern center with new retail and residential developments, a reinvigorated downtown business district, a world-class harbor and numerous tourist attractions.

Such a massive redevelopment effort has many elements, not the least of which is public safety. All the new restaurants, shops and hotels won't attract a single customer if people don't feel safe living and working in the revitalized environment. Recently, the City of Long Beach police department turned to high-tech "eyes in the sky" to monitor public access areas and help keep them safe. Video surveillance cameras have been installed in various downtown locations that are popular commerce and entertainment destinations drawing tens of thousands of visitors each day.