White Paper

Pivot3 Surveillance Technology Overview

Source: Pivot3

Video surveillance is a powerful tool for applications ranging from international border security to retail buying pattern analysis. Dramatic innovations in camera technologies and compression algorithms make it possible to economically capture high-quality content but new storage technologies are required to meet the performance, reliability and budget needs of the market.

Pivot3 has introduced an innovative line of storage products that are purpose-built for the surveillance market. This paper explains the technical features inherent in the Pivot3 design for technical architects, system integrators and end customers looking to better store, protect and quickly access the growing amount of vital video data.

Video Surveillance Storage Requirements

Conventional IT storage systems are designed to meet conventional IT workloads. Yet video workloads differ in nearly every dimension from the data assumptions implicit in IT storage systems. This disparity provides an opportunity to re-invent storage systems that are better suited to the tasks at hand.

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