Guest Column | March 24, 2014

Physical Security: Reasons Your SMB Customer Needs IP Video

Physical Security IP Video

By Greg Peratt, video solutions integration team senior director, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America

Theft and crime are not issues exclusive to enterprises. Small businesses, too, suffer from criminal activity ranging from internal and external employee theft to false claims. In fact, U.S. Chamber of Commerce figures show that 75 of all employees steal at least once, and 30 percent of small businesses fail due to employee theft — alarming statistics. Whether it be employees stealing physical goods at a retail store, or committing time fraud at an office, these costs can have a significant impact on a small business owner’s bottom line goals.

Many small businesses today choose to get ahead of this problem and deploy video surveillance technologies to mitigate these risks. These systems have become a no-brainer for small business owners as they help ensure people’s safety and protect valuable assets. Beyond loss prevention, video surveillance can also help monitor daily operations and employee productivity. The question is: what system is right for your customer’s business?

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