Presentation | March 21, 2013

Payment Service Solutions From Cynergy Data

Source: Cynergy Data

Since 1995, Cynergy Data has remained one of the country’s foremost payment service providers, delivering fast and secure payments for thousands of merchants from coast to coast. 

Ranked in The Nilson Report’s top 1% in terms of total merchant acquirers in the U.S., our unwavering commitment is to provide superior products, differentiators and services that deliver value while enabling you to build your brand and sell your point-of-sale solution.

What is DonateWiseNow?

DonateWiseNow is a first-to-market micro-donations offering enabling discreet micro-donations through a merchant’s point-of-sale.

While some large retailers enable donations at the POS with a focus on one charity, DonateWiseNow allows merchants to store up to nine different local or national charities in their terminal. 

These charities can be rotated as often as merchants see fit, enabling them to support multiple non-profits and build good will – through one swipe at a time.

Download this presentation below to learn more about DonateWiseNow and Cynergy Data.