Guest Column | January 18, 2012

Part 1: Four Pillars — The Road To Success

James Foxall Tigerpaw

By James Foxall, president, Tigerpaw Software

Building a successful business is part art, part science, and admittedly a little bit of luck. Successful owners and managers know that you can't look at your business in terms of silos such as PSA, CRM, etc. In fact, during my 25 years in this industry, I have learned that to reach your full potential, you must think of your business in terms of four key areas that I like to call the Four Pillars of Success.

Pillar 1: Organizing Your Business

Let's be honest — there is never enough time or resources to get all the work done, but a solid structure will make any business more effective and efficient and will reduce losses due to duplicate work and unclear processes. Implementing a recurring revenue model, properly capturing time, and getting accurate invoices out the door more quickly all are part of running an organized business. When you are organized, your team does better work because they know what their contribution is, when it should happen, and how it is measured.