Case Study

Oxford Bus Company Increases Efficiency And Reduces Costs With New Ticketing Solution

Source: Datamax - O'Neil

When their existing pavement conductor ticketing system reached the end of its life, Oxford Bus needed a new solution for their park & ride and coach services that not only provided efficient ticket production but also gave them more data on journeys made. Following advice from Barcode-IT, Oxford Bus were able to develop a new ticketing system using data capture terminals and mobile printers that has surpassed all expectations and revolutionized their pavement conductor ticketing system.

The greatest benefit realized by Oxford Bus when the ticketing system went live, has been the quick return on investment the system has given - it took just 4 weeks for the new solution to pay for itself! The major reason for this is the complete control Oxford Bus has over the software behind the ticketing solution and the ability to record more detailed passenger data. Changes and updates can be made in-house quickly and at no cost, whereas previously alterations or additions made through their original provider could take weeks to complete and were very costly.