Newsletter | December 2, 2019

12.02.19 -- Overcome IT Sales Excuses

Featured Editorial
ConnectWise Product Enhancements For VAR Success
By Craig Fulton, ConnectWise

For many of you, ConnectWise has been known as a software company for managed services providers (MSPs). It’s true we got our start providing software solutions for MSPs because we were one. While we’re still dedicated to helping MSPs grow a sustainable business, we know that value-added resellers (VARs) can benefit from our software, too.

Tips For Successful ISV Relationships With Resellers

Partnerships between POS ISVs and resellers provide mutual benefits: They help ISVs scale the distribution of their software solutions while opening opportunities for VARs to add value for their customers.

Leveraging Specialized Audio To Help SMBs Build A More Inclusive Staff
By Johannes Kaulfuss, Sennheiser

SMBs looking to invest in sophisticated unified communications networks typically understand the urgency of maintaining a skilled, consistent, and well-seasoned staff to leverage these networks. The savvy business owner will do whatever is necessary to draw superior talent from a wide pool of knowledgeable workers — and to keep those talented agents long-term — in order to deliver outstanding customer engagement.

Pros & Cons Of Digital Wallets & What It Means For VARs
By Samantha Kalany, BlueStar

As millennials continue to drive the overall percentage in mobile device usage, it has become clearly evident just how important these smart phones have become. More than just phone calls, text messages and social media, users are able to make purchases from their own digital wallets embedded into their phones. One’s mobile wallet electronically manages payments and other activities that would typically be handled by physical plastic cards. A tap or a scan across the retailer’s payment terminal will finalize one’s transaction and it’s as simple as that.

Effective Cybersecurity Response: Lessons From The Front Line
By Brian W. Horton

From learning the incident-response life cycle, to developing evidence preservation techniques, the role and expectations of cybersecurity response are rapidly evolving. Learn more from expert Brian W. Horton, leader at Breadcrumb Cybersecurity.

Planning Your Business And Personal Legacy
By Chris J. Chirgwin

Chris J. Chirgwin, owner and CEO of IT services provider Lanspeed, discusses the importance of building business and personal legacies and offers up a blueprint to charting your own. 

MSP Sales: Distractions, Excuses, And The Future
By Steve Riat and Nathan Austin

There are many opportunities within the operations of an MSP for your sales professionals to get sidetracked with tasks that inhibit sales activities. In this final installment of their series, Steve Riat and Nathan Austin offer tips to get them back on track.