Outsourcing NOC Operations Aligns With MSP Fixed-Fee Pricing Model

Source: Continuum
Steve Ricketts Continuum

By Steve Ricketts, VP of marketing, Continuum

All managed service providers (MSPs) face the dual challenge of maintaining growth while simultaneously keeping pace with the technology demands of their customers. The key to meeting this challenge is driving operational efficiency and maintaining predictable costs to enable maximum profit from monthly fixed-fee managed services agreements.

Like many MSPs, Clare Computer Solutions found itself looking for a way to meet this challenge. Over the years, the company evaluated many remote monitoring and management tools to enable the delivery of managed services, and its added complementary services such as backup and disaster recovery. What challenged Clare is the ability to deliver services with quality and consistency without breaking the bank.

The solution: a remote monitoring and management solution backed by a 24 x 7 Network Operation Center (NOC) service that provides intelligent monitoring and full problem resolution.

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