Case Study

Case Study: Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department Reduces Discovery Time By 70 Percent With Mimosa Systems Unified Archiving Solution

Source: Mimosa Systems

As a very active sheriff 's department, the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department processes numerous requests for electronic information, putting a significant strain on the IT administrators supporting the department's Exchange email environment. Without an email archiving solution in place, the sheriff 's department was performing all of its email discovery manually and spending an exorbitant amount of time doing so. As a solution, they turned to Mimosa NearPoint™ for its ability to automate time-consuming eDiscovery processes while not placing any load on the Exchange servers.

The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department was introduced to Mimosa NearPoint at a local Microsoft event. The IT staff was impressed by NearPoint's ease of use and architecture that wouldn't impact the performance of its Exchange servers.

"The determining factor in our selection of Mimosa is that it perfectly helps to simplify our Exchange environment," said Blackburn. "It doesn't place any load on the Exchange server and we only need to backup the archive. This enables us to perform online backups of Exchange without any interruptions, which makes our overall email environment much more efficient and easier to manage."