Guest Column | April 2, 2014

Nobody Wants To Be Your Guinea Pig

Sales Success With Reviews

Testimonials can show you are an established, successful solutions provider

By Clint Hofer, Owner, Slingfly Media

You may have been in business for half a century, in fact, you could even be the leader in your specific space, but unless potential clients know that you have a successful track record of helping others, they will be hesitant to take that next step.

No company wants to be your guinea pig. Whether they are a guinea pig or not is another question — but if you cannot get the point across that you have provided your service or solution to others, then you have an massive gap in your messaging that needs to be addressed. When a company gets the feeling they are test subjects, there is an uneasy sense that the project or solution may not be successful. After all, they are coming to your brand for help, so if this is all new to you, too, perhaps another company is a better fit.

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