White Paper

Night Lessons - Lighting For Network Cameras

Source: Axis Communications

A summary report from Axis and Raytec regional test nights
Winter 2011–2012 - England, Scotland, Denmark

Network camera experts – Axis, and CCTV lighting specialists – Raytec, held a series of test nights throughout the dark winter months of 2011 and 2012. The test nights were designed to help all security professionals tackle some of the most common practical issues when using lighting in conjunction with network cameras to achieve high performance CCTV images at night.

Many thanks to all of the integrators, installers, end users and consultants who attended the test night sessions, they were a great success and raised some real-life issues and challenges involved with low light CCTV.

So what were the most useful lessons learnt during the sessions?

Lesson 1: Mounting and set-up - the basics
Before you set your cameras rolling, it is vital that you have correctly mounted and aligned not just your cameras but your illumination too, for the best possible CCTV performance at night.

Mounting your camera
Cameras need to be placed in all kinds of locations and this requires a large number of variations in the type of mounting. Common mounting solutions include ceiling mounts, wall mounts, corner mounts, pole mounts and parapet mounts (used for roof-mounted housings or to raise the camera for a better angle of view).

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