Article | November 6, 2013

MSPs: Before Signing A New Customer, Check Out Client Operations

Source: Intronis - MSP Solutions by Barracuda
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By Manny Veiga, Intronis, Inc.

When negotiating a contract with potential clients, there are a few issues MSPs will want to take note of that will not only strengthen their positions presently and in the future, but also help prevent data storage and security threats from manifesting.

Employee control and training is critical                                    
A recent survey from BeyondTrust identified some alarming trends among businesses that would be prudent for MSPs to address in the negotiation and implementation process. The report, "Privilege Gone Wild," found that companies are allowing staff members to have far more access to sensitive information, data and systems than their respective roles require. 

For example, the research revealed that 28 percent of respondents had knowingly retrieved information that was unnecessary to their jobs, with nearly half claiming to have accessed documents on salaries and personnel and almost one-quarter viewing financial reports.

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