Guest Column | April 11, 2014

MSPs And The Cloud: Finding The Right Vendor Partner

Luke Walling, VP Sales & Operations North America, AVG Technologies

By Luke Walling, VP Sales & Operations North America, AVG Technologies

It’s no secret that the managed services provider (MSP) business is a large market and has been growing steadily. In recent years, it grew by 13-16 percent to reach US$60-65 billion. The shape of the market continues to evolve and mature. As this happens, MSPs are demanding more, not just from the technology and tools that power their businesses, but also from the vendors that supply them.  

The MSP story, while certainly not a new one in 2014, continues to attract new partners to the model every day. Break-fix solution providers are looking for ways to gain stability and revenue that can be forecasted, while new segments are jumping onboard like those partners that have traditionally been focused on the VoIP and copier/printer segments.  Fast-eroding margins in their customary space demand that solution providers of all shapes and sizes adapt their business model to one that generates predictable revenue flow and customer value now, or they will face a struggle for survival tomorrow.

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