Case Study

MSP Sees 400% Increase In Revenue With Switch To RMM Platform

Source: AVG Business

Alpine Business Systems is always on the lookout for technologies that will help it deliver better service to its customers and maintain a competitive edge, so when customers complained that they were tired of investing significant time worrying about and managing their IT infrastructure—time that would be better spent building their businesses—Bill Blum, Alpine Business Systems’ President, started looking for service options that would meet this need.

“They wanted to arrive at their offices in the morning and have all their computers working perfectly; for their experience of everything network-related to be as simple and reliable as turning on the light switch, staring the coffee pot, or picking up a phone,” says Bill Blum, President of Alpine Business Systems.

Managed services offered a clear promise of delivering this functional simplicity and high reliability to their more than 200 customers—as well as offering a multitude of benefits for their own internal operations, including the ability to much more accurately predict revenue based on recurring contracts. After experiencing significant frustration with a competitor’s product, and not seeing any of the promised benefits materialize, Alpine Business Systems decided to try AVG Managed Workplace and quickly achieved the results they were looking for.

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