Newsletter | March 18, 2019

03.18.19 -- MSP Hiring: Draft Or Free Agent?

Featured Editorial
MSP Hiring: Draft Or Free Agent?
By Nathan Austin and Steve Riat

MSP sales are a unique type of sale that requires different skills compared to other sales roles you may encounter. Some of the characteristics to illustrate this point are business-to-business, relationship-driven, long-term, consultative, technical, and value-based. How should these attributes direct the way you hire?

Ask The Board: Responding To The Marketplace Concept

How are channel-dependent IT services providers responding to the new "marketplace" concept of tech procurement?

How AIDC VAR Redline Won Produce
By Abby Sorensen, executive editor

This AIDC reseller has always been a step ahead of channel trends like developing proprietary software, building recurring revenue, and capitalizing on regulatory opportunities within a niche vertical.


CWDash is the ConnectWise Manage Dashboard Platform. CWDash is a 10+ year old ConnectWise business intelligence, dashboard, and reporting product. Originally meant for internal use, Forza Technology Solutions brought it to market. Vendors quickly saw the success and asked to advertise. We now give it away to ConnectWise Manage MSPs for free with advertising. Come join the community of thousands of MSPs using our free product that optimizes, makes more efficient, and enhances ConnectWise Manage.

What’s Next? 2019 Cybersecurity Predictions
By LeVar Battle, Webroot

At Webroot, we stay ahead of cybersecurity trends in order to keep our customers up-to-date and secure. Our team of experts has gathered their top cybersecurity predictions for 2019. What threats and changes should you brace for?

5 Reasons Your Non-Techs Need Documentation Too
By Ashley Ogilvie, IT Glue

Guess what? Your nontechnical employees love saving time too. The problem of time waste is unfortunately not just limited to solving tickets; it’s everywhere. What’s the solution? The same solution you’ve gotten your techs on board with. Documentation. Here’s why.

How To Fit Your Technology Expertise Into Your Customer’s World
By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Selling business technology for many years allows you to develop deep expertise of your products. But, breaking into your customer’s world requires deep expertise of their operations and their needs. Discover how to change your approach with customers to uncover the needs that your products can solve.   

3 Tips For Increasing Customer Loyalty
By Richard Delahaye, Barracuda MSP

Boost your customer service performance by improving these internal processes.

Episode 14: Brynne Tillman And Sally Jo LaMont, Social Sales Link

Topics Discussed: Why LinkedIn is likely the most underutilized tool in your sales and marketing toolbox; how professional social networks are particularly valuable to channel businesses; the differences between leveraging social media as an individual versus as an organization; teaming up with colleagues to divide and conquer sales leads; a handful of steps you can take before 5:00 today to strengthen your profile, build your network, and empower your sales organization; and much more.

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