Case Study

MSP Embraces Advanced Security Solution For Small Footprint, Ease Of Management

Source: VIPRE Security
Merit Technologies

If you’re in IT services, you can’t ignore security. Just ask James Edwards and Abe Varughese, founders of MSP Merit Technologies in Greenville, South Carolina, who started their company as a software provider. It didn’t take long after they launched the software business before customers started asking for other services, including networking, server maintenance and of course, security.

“If you’re a good IT guy, you’ve always been in security. Anything you do, or changes you make to the network, can cause a security impact. So, you have to be aware of that right off the bat,” says Edwards, “Since we started, we have been in the security business, handling everything from education to reading logs to setting up administrative tasks to reviewing security events when they are triggered.”

Having easy-to-manage security tools with minimal impact on resources is a plus but that’s easier said than done, Edwards found. It wasn’t until he learned about VIPRE in 2011 that he felt he could deliver effective endpoint protection to customers without bogging down their system resources.