Case Study

MSP Eliminates Antivirus License Renewal With Cloud Solution

Source: AVG Business

This case study from AVG takes a look at Millennium Solutions Incorporated, an AVG reseller providing IT services to businesses in Atlanta Georgia, one of which is Southern Insurance Agency. Millennium has protected its 13-computer network for three years using AVG Antivirus from the beginning. Top-tier security is crucial to Southern Insurance because they use their devices to store confidential client information.

“I recommend AVG Antivirus products to all 300 of my clients. I’ve been in the IT business for fourteen years, and AVG is the best all-around solution I’ve found,” said Coggins. “Our customers are like most at any IT firm. They don’t dwell on it or get into the mechanics of things. They just take your word that you’re delivering the best thing out there and leave it at that. AVG works the way an antivirus should – in the background. I tell my clients that AVG is like having a security guard right there behind you.”

License renewal was not something that Clayton Coggins, owner of Millennium, liked to deal with and found it to be a nuisance. When Coggins was presented with an opportunity to move Southern Insurance Agency to a new “right-size” solution from AVG – in the form of AVG CloudCare – that would eliminate the need to keep up with license keys, he seized the opportunity.

To read more about the solution provided by Millennium and the benefits experienced by Southern Insurance Agency, download this case study below.