Case Study

MSP Averts Total Disaster At Customer Site Thanks To Early Warning From RMM Solution

Source: AVG Business

The pipe burst early on a Sunday morning, flooding the offices of Firstech Environmental, taking down the server and threatening office equipment worth thousands of dollars. When the server became unresponsive, AVG Managed Workplace automatically fired off a message to Sean Corbet, Executive Vice President at Coastal Solutions, Firstech’s managed services provider. Corbet contacted Firstech’s President and owner Mike Lasko, who immediately went straight to his office and arrived in time to avert total disaster. “Mike appreciated the work that we did for him before, but now he really gets it and he’s telling everyone. If we hadn’t been monitoring and alerting on his environment 24/7, he would have gone in Monday morning to a complete catastrophe. I mean, really expensive damage and a major service interruption of many days, if not weeks,” said Corbet. “This is just one example of the kind of value you can get when you work with the right managed services provider running the right technologies.”

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