Newsletter | March 10, 2020

03.10.20 -- Moving Compute Functions To The Edge Makes Infrastructure More Critical


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Channel Insights
Hook, Line, And Sinker: Why Phishing Attacks Work
White Paper | Webroot

Phishing scams are on the rise, and individuals who are familiar with trends, who are consistently trained via simulations and supported in their pursuit of a better work-life balance, will be the best defense against advancing and highly personalized phishing scams.

Moving Compute Functions To The Edge Makes Infrastructure More Critical
  White Paper | Panduit

This white paper will explore Edge compute, some of the physical infrastructure impacts it will have and will call out the four environments of Edge compute deployments.

Is The Tsunami Of On-Premise Mail Migrations Finally Over?
Guest Column | By Marc Lighter, Paxis Technologies and ASCII Group member

Our company was one of the first IT services providers in our area to embrace the change from on-prem to cloud-hosted email. It gave us a surprising advantage in the local market as prospects were itching to cut expenses and were already familiar with the concept of “the cloud” due to a tremendous amount of marketing around the subject.

Leadership Lessons
How XaaS Can Benefit Businesses
Guest Column | By Megan R. Nichols

Recent advancements in cloud infrastructure and a growing demand for computing resources have led to the rapid proliferation of cloud- and service-based business models — like Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and more.

How Moving To Enterprise Service Management Improves Your Bottom Line
  Guest Column | By Satyen Vyas, CEO, Symphony SummitAI

A holistic approach to service management makes business sense from not only a cost standpoint but also in terms of productivity and efficiency.