Case Study

Modi Sugar's Adopts The Printronix Solution To Maintain Supply Chain With India's 651 Sugar Mills And 50 Million Cane Farmers

Source: Printronix Inc.

Modi Sugar is a leading conglomerate specializing in sugar and specialty sugar products. The group has two sugar plants, Modi Sugar Mills, established in 1932, and SBEC Sugar Limited founded in 1998. Today, Modi Sugar is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of plantation white sugar and refined sugar and meets ISO 9001-2000 qualifications.

When maintaining contact with suppliers that number in the millions, global sugar producing giant Modi Sugar ( depends on a fleet of Printronix line matrix printers to produce a vast amount of paperwork in association to obtaining fixed amounts of raw material from millions of sugar farmers. Modi Sugar is responsible for managing tons of sugar and sugar-related products from several hundred mills throughout India, a nation that is the largest consumer and second largest producer of sugar in the world. The entire sugar industry supports about 50 million farmers and employs millions of people in the manufacturing process.