Guest Column | December 11, 2012

Mobile Wallets And NFC: A Solution To A Very Real Problem

Tony Abruzzio

By Tony Abruzzio, Business Development Executive, Isis

Whether clipping coupons, scanning sale signs or keeping track of emailed offers – shopping today requires navigating a loud and cluttered space. This poses real challenges for both merchants and consumers.

Merchants work hard to engender loyalty; however, engaging consumers in a truly interactive, personal dialogue is not easy. Meanwhile, consumers struggle to sift through offers and coupons with no centralized or convenient way to select, store and redeem them at the point of sale.

But with the introduction of mobile wallets, the commerce experience as we know it is undergoing a radical shift. Consumers can now pay with their phones and merchants can engage with consumers on the devices they use most. No more fishing for cards, coupons or bills – mobile wallets simplify the purchase process while driving loyalty.

Mobile commerce is here

Gartner reports nearly a quarter of U.S. retailers already accept or are in the process of accepting contactless transactions. For many, mobile wallets are seen as an inevitable evolution of the commerce experience. But for the other 75 percent, the question remains. When does it make sense to invest in product upgrades to support mobile wallet transactions? When will mobile commerce reach a tipping point?

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