Download | May 8, 2012

Mobile Device & Bar Code Scanner Management Solution

You have mobility and bar code scanning devices in locations all across your enterprise. They are constantly on the move or situated in remote locations, and are critical to supporting your employees’ work activities.

They make your business operations effective, your business more efficient, and your customers more satisfied. However, the process of managing those devices—keeping the software up-to-date, dealing with multiple operating systems, ensuring proper configurations, and monitoring vital performance indicators—is time consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. What if you could manage all of these functions on any device within your network, from anywhere in the world, at any time you choose? That’s the power of Remote MasterMind.

Remote MasterMind™ is Honeywell’s comprehensive solution for companies looking to secure, manage, update, and remotely troubleshoot their mobile computers and bar code scanners from a single location.

Key Mobile Scanner Features

Asset Tracking
Instantly take inventory of all deployed Remote MasterMind-enabled devices and retrieve serial numbers, model numbers and firmware versions

  • Removes errors and reduces labor costs
  • Simplifies asset reporting and depreciation
  • Simplifies the management of device repair contracts
  • Provides visibility into device status (on- or off-line)

Software Distribution
With the click of a button, you can update the software of one device or thousands of devices, without making a site visit

  • Reduces high-touch and high cost travel and onsite labor
  • Reduces the amount of time needed to roll out new large-scale deployments
  • Enables rapid deployment of urgent security updates or business critical functionality
  • Helps support compliance activities in regulated environments

Configuration Management

  • Instantly update the configuration of one device or thousands of devices, without making a site visit
  • Ensures correct configuration with automatic updates to re-assigned and new devices
  • Device groupings allow devices to automatically configure themselves based on pre-defined criteria
  • Reduces labor costs and enables rapid deployments