Case Study

Milnsbridge Exceeds Goals Using New RMM Technology

Source: Solarwinds MSP

Five years ago, Milnsbridge IT Voice & Data (MVD) elected to go "all in" on managed services. The company transitioned its entire client base to a recurring fee model and only accepted new customers that agreed to fullservice remote monitoring and management (RMM).

"We already were proactive – we built systems where we would get email alerts on backup and anti-virus – but we didn't want to be so selective in what we monitored," says Adrian Weir, who founded MVD in 2001. "We wanted to focus on managed services and told our clients that's how we could best serve them."

Even though the Sydney, Australia-based managed service provider (MSP) had proactively monitored portions of its customers' technology since 2002, the company still spent more time "putting out bush fires instead of making fire breaks," says Weir.

Weir comments that MVD's RMM software provider at the time could not scale to support the MSP's desired level of reporting. "We wanted to report for longer than 30 or even 90 days – we wanted to show trending for five years on data growth to our clients," he says.