Guest Column | October 12, 2012

Meeting Facilitation Tips That Make A Difference

Paul Marciano

By Paul Marciano, author

I find it ironic that employees in organizations of every size uniformly complain of too little communication. At the same time, meetings – intended to facilitate communication – are often perceived as a waste of time. While there is tremendous benefit realized from a well-run meeting, ineffective and inefficient meetings can lead to confusion, frustration, and disengagement. In fact, poorly run meetings are one of the biggest detractors to an organization’s success.

Whenever you hear an employee say, “What a waste of time that meeting was,” substitute time for money. Think about the last meeting you attended (or held). How many  people were present and what are their average salaries. I recently sat in on a client’s two hour leadership meeting. As I looked around the table I calculated that the meeting cost the client roughly $2,500 in employee compensation. The question, of course, was the meeting worth $2,500. How much did your last meeting cost? Was it worth it?