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Maximize The Speed And Quality Of The Checkout Experience In The Busiest Grocery Stores

Source: BlueStar, Inc.


The Challenge: Maximizing Profitability and Customer Satisfaction in the Grocery Store

When shoppers are ready to checkout at the grocery store, the last thing they want is a long wait time at the cash register. In order to meet the high expectations of today's customer, you need to keep checkout lines moving with the most efficient handling of every transaction. This means that cashiers need to be able to instantly capture barcodes, even ones that are damaged or dirty. They need to quickly weigh produce without spending precious time positioning and repositioning it on the scale to ensure the capture of accurate weight — and cost. And they need to be able to handle whatever transaction request comes their way, whether it's scanning a mobile coupon or loyalty card, processing a utility bill or recording an item that is not on file.

New point of sale technology can maximize cashier productivity and sales. However, you may be concerned that upgrading your POS will be costly and time-consuming, forcing you to replace your existing checkstand furniture and dealing with a complex integration process. Furthermore, you don't want added overhead and management costs to reduce your profitability and the benefits of the new technology