Case Study

Maxim Integrated Products Achieves Stock Room Proficiency With Wasp Inventory Control

Source: Wasp Barcode Technologies
Maxim Inventory Room

As a large manufacturer, Maxim Integrated Product's inventory is constantly moving. At any given moment, a part may be removed from a stock room to repair equipment. When repairable parts break they are checked back in to the stock room and then checked out to the repair vendor. When Javier Saenz joined Maxim as an Inventory Control Specialist for the San Antonio facility, there were eight different departments with over 130 hands responsible for tracking the location and status of parts – using only Excel spreadsheets.

Maxim needed to ensure that inventory counts were accurately maintained and that no parts were lost. "Each department had numerous spreadsheets and their own process for tracking inventory," noted Saenz. "This system proved to be time consuming and costly. It was nearly impossible to run accurate inventory reports, so we had a lot of redundant and overstocked inventory – tying up a lot of cash."