Guest Column | July 6, 2015

4 Marketing Best Practices For MSPs

By Dan Wensley, CompTIA Premier Member and Founder of Plan27

Elevator Speech

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges managed services providers (MSPs) face. Between managing customer relationships, keeping up with technology advances and handling finances, MSPs have little time left to promote the business. And, most don’t have the marketing talent on staff so they outsource it to an expert.

It’s a great solution, but in order to ensure success, an MSP must know what to look for. Here are four guiding principles to start planning and managing your marketing strategy today:

  1. Define Objectives. For your promotional efforts to succeed, you must set clear goals — but be realistic. Remember that success can kill as much as failure, so if you set out to add five customers a month but lack the resources to handle new business, you set up yourself up for failure. Not only will you fail the new customers, but you also might hurt your existing base, potentially sending the business into a downward spiral.

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