Guest Column | May 21, 2014

Retail IT VARs: Managing Your New Managed Services

By Bob Goldberg, RSPA General Counsel

With every new business model comes a new language. I have sat in countless presentations where the speaker used a three or four letter acronym that I spent the next five minutes trying to decipher. Often deciphering it incorrectly. As the industry shifts into managed services and software as a service are you assuming your potential customer knows the new language or are you speaking to them in a foreign language of three letter acronyms? It is important to understand your customer and how he or she approaches the marketplace. It is also important to evaluate your own business and assure that the proper pieces are in place for a successful transformation.

The days of relationship selling are numbered. No matter how wonderful you are as a person, nice guys may no longer finish first. The intent has opened the information door for customers. End-users have more knowledge of the offerings in the marketplace. The ability to compare specifications, features, and prices are unlimited. Your audience will demand to know your product can make their operations more efficient, lower costs, and fill their needs. Your goal is to become a trusted consultant that can be relied upon for expertise and knowledge. Showing how the current solution will meet today’s need and grow along with the business in the future will solidify your position with the customer. Becoming a single source provider of technology services will change you from salesperson to an advisor and valued resource.

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