Guest Column | May 9, 2013

Managers' Guidelines For Creating Customer Satisfaction

By Rebecca L. Morgan, Author

How do managers know how customers are being treated? When you aren’t around or within earshot, how do you really know how your staff members are responding to your customers? You don’t. You can only rely on your example of customer service to live on through your staff’s communication with customers.

Some customers wouldn’t have to be calmed if they were not faced with annoyances to begin with. It is critical that you instill customer service concepts in your staff. So let’s discuss what managers can do to create an environment conducive to continual customer satisfaction.

Creating an Environment for Customer Satisfaction

Be a role model.
You must give more than lip service to the concept of customer satisfaction. You must practice it visibly and frequently. Sending staff to outside courses on customer satisfaction can be a waste of money if the manager does not model and reward good service.

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