Article | October 10, 2018

Making Money With DNS Protection

Source: Webroot

Allowing uncontrolled internet access is risky for any business, but particularly so for small to medium-sized businesses. Proxy solutions are expensive to maintain and manage, while cost-effective alternatives are few and far between. This often leads to clients relying solely on endpoint security to protect their businesses from web threats.

Many MSPs know that finding a cost-effective solution to secure their network that is easy to manage, reliable, and provides superior protection is a challenge. That’s why Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection is purpose-built to help MSPs provide better control over internet security while allowing for the flexibility required to meet the varying needs of the businesses they serve. It’s been designed to help MSPs drastically reduce the number of threats that infect their clients’ networks, while helping their workforce avoid distractions on the internet with industry-leading DNS protection.

Small Businesses Make Ideal Targets

Many small business owners feel they simply aren’t big enough to catch the eye of cybercriminals. Unfortunately, cybercriminals often consider these very businesses prime targets—established enough to house valuable data or to pay ransoms, but small enough to not have robust cybersecurity measures in place.