Source: Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

Real-time integrations within our software provide added efficiencies and the benefit of immediate processing.

Real-time integrations within our software provide added efficiencies and the benefit of immediate processing. This functionality is an added value for our active TCA clients and includes credit card and ACH payment processing and leasing rate card information.

Payment Processing
Payment processing is extremely important to all businesses. Tigerpaw, with valued input from the CAG members, has developed a set of features to save numerous hours performing administrative tasks, improve invoice collection, and reduce the time required for invoice collection. Tigerpaw has brought ERP level invoicing and payment processing to small businesses. Now set up an agreement to include all the charges to be billed to a customer, link it to real-time asset information and choose the day to process the payment - Tigerpaw processes the payment and automatically sends the invoice.

  • Process credit cards and ACH payments easily within Tigerpaw
  • Generate recurring revenue invoices and turn the collection process into a zero-touch process
  • Save hours of administrative work a week, bill accurately every time, collect your money MUCH faster
  • Save money - our preferred vendor (BNG) works tirelessly to match, or beat current processing rates
  • Add commoditized items, like web hosting as a service, which weren't worth administering before due to the cost to collect

Integrated Payment Processors - Get Better Rates
As a function of the payment processing component of Tigerpaw, Livebridge offers users a single entry for credit cards through a real-time integration between Tigerpaw and BNG Holdings. This integration allows Tigerpaw clients to accept payments from a credit card or automated clearing house (ACH), accept payments online through a customer portal, and automatically process recurring payments with "touch-free" invoicing, thereby reducing costs, reducing time to collection, and increasing collection amounts. BNG will match or improve your current processing rates.

GreatAmerica Leasing Rate Card Integration
Tigerpaw Software integrates with GreatAmerica Leasing to provide flexible lease payment information on quotes being provided to clients. Tigerpaw retrieves the rate card information and calculations for all the variables, which are housed at GreatAmerica Leasing, and returns the payment amount to Tigerpaw V11R2.