Newsletter | December 23, 2019

12.23.19 -- Listen And Respect Your Way To More IT Sales

Using Recurring Revenue To Identify Customer Service Opportunities And Risks
By Tom Sweeny

ServiceXRG founder and president, Tom Sweeny, examines the elements that contribute to the calculation of net recurring revenue and offers insights to identify the root causes of churn, attrition, and contraction.

Reader Spotlight: Lori Tisinai, Computer Concepts USA, Inc.
By Lori Tisinai

Lori Tisinai is a true Renaissance woman. She’s a U.S. Coast Guard-certified boat captain and owner of a Chicago River tour boat company. She’s an avid and competitive curler (not hair nor biceps, but the Olympic ice sport played with “rocks” and “brooms”). And she has what her coworkers call a magic touch when it comes to computer technology.

Listening And Respect In IT Customer Service
By Don Crawley

In the last installment of his series, IT communications expert Don Crawley discusses the virtues of intentionality about implementing the principles of good listening and respect in your work with customers and coworkers.

Leadership Lessons
How To Use Security Technology To Close A Sale
Article | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Leading a conversation with security is a death sentence to a sale, as the average business owner does not have the time nor the technical understanding to realize its significance. Instead, resellers should keep their security knowledge in store to help express urgency at the end of a sale.

8 Things To Know About Firewall Configuration
Article | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Cyberattacks often target retailers because retailers process a lot of personal data from payment cards that can be used for identity theft, fraud, and other nefarious purposes. This puts a lot of pressure on retailers to maintain a strong security posture, and a big part of that is to properly configure your firewalls.

4 Ways To Overcome End-User Resistance To Adopting RFID
E-Book | BlueStar, Inc.

RFID isn’t new, but it’s still a new application for many different verticals across the channel. While some businesses have been eager and interested to adopt the technology, it has overall been a difficult sell for many other end users.

Why You Shouldn’t Share Security Risk
Article | By John Ford, ConnectWise

There should be no such thing as shared risk. It is very binary. Either the customer owns it, or you own it. Setting the correct expectation of an MSP’s cybersecurity and risk responsibility is critical to keeping a long-term business relationship.

Why Secure Documentation Matters
Article | IT Glue

For any MSP concerned about security, best practice is to place security at the top of the list when vetting vendors—not flashy dashboards and certainly not price.

Lockdown Lessons Guide: Shoring Up Your Network And Security Policies
Article | Webroot

In today’s cyber-climate, if you don’t have a good security setup, the chances you’ll get breached get higher every day. That means all the customers who trust you will have their confidence shaken — no matter how good your products or services are.

Cryptocurrency 101: Understanding This Potential Game Changer
Article | EVO Payments

Cryptocurrency could be the latest game changer in the industry, but it’s still relatively unknown, with a cloud of mystery surrounding it.

Where To Find IT Technicians
Article | Field Nation

Finding qualified IT technicians in this competitive labor market can be a challenge. It’s even harder when you need to fill skill gaps and satisfy complex job requirements under intense deadline pressure. This guide will explore ways to reach more job seekers and engage the right candidates for your team.