Newsletter | September 30, 2019

09.30.19 -- LinkedIn Sales Strategies For The Channel


Being the best VAR to your customers requires a larger partner and support base. BlueStar can help with value-added services and industry-leading initiatives. With financial services, custom configuration, and superior customer service, our value-added services work to improve partners’ margins and competitive edge. Initiatives such as ISV Connect, the channel’s #1 incubator for channel acceleration, keep you on the leading edge of solutions. Let us show you how!

Featured Editorial
The Sales Warm-Up, Qualifying Your Prospects
By Erick Simpson

Most people make purchasing decisions based on emotion and use logic to justify that decision. Therefore, a strong and favorable first impression is vitally important to develop a foundation for successful sales engagements.

Compassion And Empathy In IT Customer Service
By Don Crawley

Compassion and empathy are principles 2 and 3 of the 5 Principles of IT Customer Service, and when they’re combined with deep technical competence great customer service follows naturally. Learn how to cultivate a culture of compassion and how it benefits service businesses.

3 LinkedIn Tips For The Channel’s Sales Process
By Brynne Tillman and Sally Jo Lamont

Social selling is an essential tool in today’s highly competitive environment. Read on for several key LinkedIn strategies that can be used to leverage your existing contacts, vendors, and partners to reach prospects with a high level of credibility. 

Digital Marketing: Cost-Effective Branding And Messaging
White Paper | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Without a marketing strategy, it’s difficult to target your message to customers about how you can support their business needs and goals. The more you hone the message, the better customers understand the value you provide, which gives them an incentive to engage and transact with you.

Seeing Green: Eye Scans And The Evolution Of The Payment Industry
Article | EVO Payments

The evolution of the payment industry dates back thousands of years. Whether it was the early days of bartering goods and livestock, or the introduction of precious metal coins and leather money, we’ve come a long way. As time marches on, we see a shift from paper currency such as checks and dollar bills to credit card payments. No longer is cash the true king.

The MSP’s 10-Point Guide To Success
E-Book | SherWeb

Find out how the world’s top-selling MSPs and VARs have built successful practices by following these 10 simple steps. By the time you finish reading our e-book you will have a better idea about the best practices you should adopt to be more successful. Among other things, you will learn why it is okay to fire some of your customers and the best way to build a good team.