Case Study

Leveraging Backup & Continuity For Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Source: Axcient

When server hardware fails, it can take days to get a replacement. Even with a spare server on hand, it will still take an entire day to get running again factoring in operating systems, applications, configurations, settings, drivers and permissions…then you restore the files. This downtime is a lost for your employees and customers.

This is the reason that we have introduced the ServerAlive. ServerAlive contains two complementary components: ServerAlive BMR and Recovery, both working to give you business continuity.

With ServerAlive Bare-Metal Restore (BMR) we store copies (images) of the entire contents of designated hard disks periodically, allowing you to restore those entire images to another server in a single action. The entire operating system, bootable from a live CD, contains all the required application code to create and restore everything. Even in non-disaster scenarios, you can use BMR to migrate to new server hardware proactively.

Because it still takes time to get a replacement server, we invented ServerAlive Recovery. With the click of a mouse you can boot a "virtual version" of your downed server, right on the Axcient Appliance and continue business as usual until a replacement is found; then failover right back to replacement hardware.

ServerAlive™ is part of the Business Fortify package and includes:

  1. ServerAlive-optimized chipset in every Axcient Appliance
  2. Failover a physical or virtual Windows 2003 or 2008 server right to the Axcient Appliance
  3. Failover from the Appliance back to physical hardware
  4. Create complete server or desktop disk images to restore to different hardware, saving critical time
  5. Configurable frequency of disk image versioning