Article | April 25, 2014

Lessons Learned Answering The Call

Source: TSYS Acquiring Solutions
Bill Lodes, TSYS Director of Developer Partnerships

By Bill Lodes, TSYS Director of Developer Partnerships

TSYS ® recognizes that not only has the payments industry been impacted by swiftly evolving change, but many of your own vertical markets have also been enduring the cycle. As a result, VARs have begun to view the payments environment and their payments partners differently, shifting their focus for the year ahead. And we have listened, reevaluated and redirected our partner support strategy. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned:


With the recent influx of data breaches, the entire payments industry is directing efforts toward educating their customers about products and solutions that can alleviate liability risk to their partners. Similarly, partners are looking to their payments professional for guidance to help calm the fear rising amongst the merchants who drive their day-to-day business. We’ve built a solid team of professionals that can provide our partners and merchants with the key resources and advice they’ve been searching for.

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