Newsletter | March 11, 2019

03.11.19 -- Kyber Security Leads The MSSP Revolution


SATO's new PW2NX is the next generation of intelligent portable thermal label printers for inventory management, date coding, and product relabeling. With durable construction, 8.2-foot drop specification, colorized display, Bluetooth connectivity, and 8-hour extended battery life between charges, the PW2NX will exceed your expectations of mobility printing.

Featured Editorial
The MSP To MSSP Evolution
By Lynn Souza

The story of Kyber Security's pioneering journey into managed security services, as told by CEO Lynn Souza.

Are Channel Pros Really Pros?
By Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly, executive director of The Channel Institute, examines the necessity of the "specialist" knowledge required of channel professionals to succeed.

Make Room For The Marketplace
By Matt Pillar, chief editor

The way channel partners procure the technologies that compose client solutions is quickly shifting. Rules of engagement are changing, boundaries fading, and familiarity waning. The change is at once uncomfortable and an uncommon opportunity for growth.

Episode 14: Brynne Tillman And Sally Jo LaMont, Social Sales Link

Topics Discussed: Why LinkedIn is likely the most underutilized tool in your sales and marketing toolbox; how professional social networks are particularly valuable to channel businesses; the differences between leveraging social media as an individual versus as an organization; teaming up with colleagues to divide and conquer sales leads; a handful of steps you can take before 5:00 today to strengthen your profile, build your network, and empower your sales organization; and much more.

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