Case Study

KineticD™ Provides NuEnergy Technologies With Easy Remote Access To Corporate Files

Source: KineticD

In this case study from KineticD™ we take a look at NuEnergy Technologies, a developer a manufacturer of sustainable energy sources. NuEnergy’s found Dr. Hector M. Guevara installed a solar system in the White House in 1979. NuEnergy has most of its offices located in North and South America with various other locations around the world. Dr. Guevara spent a lot of time looking for the right backup solution to meet NuEnergy’s unique needs.

With offices in many different locations NuEnergy needed a backup solution that would allow them to access their data from any location, at any time, with an affordable price. NuEnergy’s solution was KineticCloud™ Backup which offers leading edge online backup technology to protect the entire SMB environment.

Download this case study below to read more about how NuEnergy used KineticD’s solution to access all their corporate data from anywhere.