Guest Column | May 9, 2013

5 Key Elements Of A Successful Social Media Audit And Why Your Brand Needs One

By Laura Formalarie, Lead Project Manager/Trainer, SayItSocial,

There are 2.27 billion people online which is a number that has only doubled in the past five years ( This means 2.27 billion people have access to any information your brand posts, or information others post about your brand. Using social media is a fast, easy means of widespread communication, but is your brand being portrayed in the way it’s intended to? Social media audits are vital for the success of your brand’s means of effective communication when using popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.

Regarding social business, two key elements must be under constant evaluation: internal and external communication. Internal meaning what types of social media are already being used and in which ways? What is your brand already doing for digital marketing? What type of brand management strategies are already in place? Then externally, meaning what are others saying about your brand? How is social media being used to voice opinions about you? It is with these two basic segments that a social media audit may begin.

In the same way a brand would observe, reflect and analyze target goals, budgets and employee performance, a brand must do the same for social media. Audits are vital for strategic planning, and growth on the social web. They demonstrate change over time between your brand and allow you to “spy” on competitors as well, creating room for creativity and advancement.

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