Guest Column | January 31, 2014

Keeping Customers In The Age Of The Cloud

By Andrew Harrover, President, Matrix Computer Consulting, ASCII Group Member Since 2012

Companies are being bombarded with cloud advertising every day. The millions of dollars being spent on advertising to support cloud offerings ensures that the message is being heard loud and clear. As technologists, we know that the cloud isn't a miraculous curative for everything.  Indeed, it can be a bear trap ... but our clients don't know any of that. What they do know is that they saw a presentation from a speaker at the last trade show they attended who sang the same siren song of better, cheaper and faster. They believed that all they needed was a couple of cheap computers and a fast internet connection and the "cloud" would take care of the rest.

The cloud is "disruptive" for it slices, it dices, and it blends! There has been enough ink spilled on the subject to fill a lake. Indeed, the cloud has fundamentally changed or eliminated services that were delivered by on-premise servers for the past 20 years. Those servers were managed by IT Consultants and were the cornerstone of client relationships all along.  As a practical matter, the client couldn't do anything without the involvement of a consultant. The cloud is very busy changing that.

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