Guest Column | May 31, 2012

Keep Data Cool With Underground Sites

Christopher Chung Missouri Partnership

By Christopher Chung, CEO, Missouri Partnership

The Farmers’ Almanac predicts a hot, dry summer for much of the Midwest this year. As the mercury rises, so will the costs of cooling data centers in the summer months. To beat the heat, companies are considering underground storage sites for their data storage needs. In addition to being energy efficient, underground sites offer enhanced security, protection from natural disasters, and plenty of room to grow. While these factors are important to all business sectors, they are absolutely critical in the management and storage of D.A.T.A.:

Disaster Defense
Underground sites are ideal locations for data centers and disaster recovery. Storing data deep in the earth means decreased vulnerability to natural and man-made disasters. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, which can cripple above-ground businesses, are less of a threat to operations located underneath the ground. Because they are protected by a layer of solid rock, underground storage sites guarantee companies little or no loss of data during emergencies.