White Paper

IT Service Provider Client Advocacy And Benchmarking Study

Source: Client Heartbeat

In February 2013, Client Heartbeat conducted a client advocacy study which included IT service providers in Australia, Europe and America. The study surveyed 3,500 small businesses within the client bases of these providers.

The study focused on identifying client advocacy trends and habits of MSPs.

The key findings were:

  • On average, 28% of an MSP’s customer base “would go out of their way to recommend” them (customer advocates)
  • 90% of MSPs surveyed were unaware of who their advocates were
  • On average, MSPs tended to have 18% higher advocacy levels than CSPs (Cloud Service Providers)
  • The MSP with the highest client advocacy score was EzMSPin New York with 52% client advocacy as of 7thMarch 2013
  • The lowest was an unnamed MSP in Australia with 13%

This report will outline a significant opportunity for MSPs and IT Companies that have in the past neglected using client advocates to generate new leads and sales.

Along with data and findings, this report give you insight into some actionable strategies and tips that can help you implement a successful client advocacy program.

Downlod the complete report at the link below.