Guest Column | March 5, 2013

It's 2013: Waste Some Time!

By David Gosman, CEO, pcAmerica,

No, this article isn’t a pep-talk about relaxing and making more time for yourself this year. Most of the business owners reading this wouldn’t follow that advice. Instead, I’m talking about social networking. I frequently discuss social networking with colleagues, and I hear a recurring theme from many I talk to, “social networking is a waste of time.” Granted, there is a great deal of wasted space and effort on social networks. Several businesses, however, have utilized social networking to better connect with customers and ultimately drive sales. If social networking wasn’t part of your business strategy in 2012, it should be in 2013 - and below are a few low-cost, straight-forward tactics you can use to get there.

Set small goals and focus. It’s difficult to effectively launch a social presence without distinct goals. Social networks can be used to provide technical support and customer service to existing customers, and also to market and sell to new clients. You can also opt for a more casual involvement by being involved in conversations, which helps build brand recognition and credibility. Pick a place to start, study how others are successfully executing similar goals and concentrate there until you get it right.

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