Case Study

IT Management With More Control And Less Threats

Source: AVG Business

This case study from AVG takes a look at LLC Corporation, a managed service provider (MSP) in Brafton, Wisconsin that oversees around 300 devices for local businesses in varied sizes and industries. LLC Corporation tries to stay ahead of the curve, seeking new technologies to improve its service level and competitiveness. Beyond managed services they also offer security devices, firewalls, and other business technology equipment and an online service to monitor the health of clients’ networks called “Computer Fitness”.

Because LLC Corporation seeks to be on the cutting edge of technology, they were invited to be one of the first AVG resellers to try the newest “right sized” remote management product, AVG CloudCare™. LLC Corporation initially rolled out AVG CloudCare™ to about ten percent of its client base for a month. In this short time, AVG CloudCare has given LLC Corporation a “smoother” control and a new vision into the health of the clients’ infrastructure.

“AVG CloudCare is something that allows MSPs like me to have great control over their end points and continue that close relationship without making an end user feel like they have to go to AVG to make updates,” said Lon Carriveau, CEO of LLC Corporation.

Download this case study below to learn how CloudCare™ has worked for LLC Corporation and their customers and the benefits it has provided.