White Paper

Is Your Managed Services Practice Built On A ROC?

Source: NetEnrich, Inc.

For many managed services providers (MSPs), especially those who launched into the recurring revenue business model early on, there was no choice but to invest in a network operations center (NOC) and in-house help desk to meet customer needs. Although that approach cemented the MSP model for many, it also required steep capital investments before revenues became steady. At that time, the "build it and they will come" mentality was the only path available, but times have changed.

In the world of the modern MSP, business owners now have choices when it comes to back-office operations and help desk—they can build, buy, or even lease the service they need to support and grow their business. Another popular and lucrative option in the market is partnering. Instead of tackling the challenge of hiring the right staff, investing in the right training, building the needed infrastructure to operate an efficient NOC, and then watching utilization of your top talent plummet while they are busy watching lights blink, today's MSPs can offload that backend operational functionality to a partner, which can be another MSP or a channel partner such as NetEnrich.