White Paper

Is Donation Technology Right For Your Business?

Source: Cynergy Data

Test For Success

The intent of this paper is to assist ISO’s and VARs in determining how technology fundraising at the POS may fit into your business model.  It may not be for everyone.  Guidance is provided on the types of retailers and their consumers you may want to start with, as well as the type of Non-Profit Organization you may want to choose.  If you have your own favorite charities, then the guidance can be used on which target markets might generate the highest donation levels for you.  This information is based on extensive charitable donation research and actual deployment with retailers on the east coast of the U.S. by Cynergy Data, LLC.

The Magnitude of Charity Checkout Success

“$358 million was raised in 2012 by an elite group of 63, million--‐dollar--‐plus charity checkout campaigns identified by Cause Marketing Forum.  In aggregate, these large point of sale donation programs have raised over $2.3 billion over three decades.” (1)

Imagine earning a small fee on each donation transaction.

Enabling charitable donations at the point of sale is good business.  Technology that enables the collection of small micro-donations during purchases benefits all parties. The charity raises money without having to allocate volunteer hours to the effort, or spend marketing dollars on a fundraising campaign.  The merchant engages in their community and builds a positive brand perception, while being able to choose a local charity.  Consumers, with a growing buy local/support local mindset can feel good about contributing even small dollar amounts to help a local cause in their neighborhood.

And while fundraising dollars are being maximized, at the same time there is transaction revenue allocated to the technology processors and software enabling the effort.

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