Guest Column | May 30, 2013

IP Video Demystified: Fact vs Fiction

BSM-IP Camera Retail

By Steve Surfaro, security industry liaison, Axis Communications

Myth:  Network video cameras are too expensive

Truth: Mid- and large-sized video solutions (16 video channels or more) today are universally specified for lower total cost of ownership than analog CCTV due to shared/consolidated infrastructure, common off the shelf hardware, Power over Ethernet and improved forensic video coverage, scalability and more. It only remains to compare small analog and small IP video systems for cost – and that paradigm is shifting more in favor of IP thanks to continued innovation.

The three primary points of comparison in the case of small systems are camera cost, total installation cost and the total cost of ownership when considering coverage area.

Comparing costs between analog and network cameras requires a more complex analysis.  If the area of coverage is small enough to be a single room (approx. 10’x20’) with average lighting, the network camera cost is indeed higher than its analog counterpart.  When the user’s requirement begins adding complexity, however, this cost savings almost immediately disappears.

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