White Paper

IP Opens Doors To A New World Of Physical Access Control

Source: Axis Communications

A Revolution At The Door

It is no exaggeration to say that network video has revolutionized the world of CCTV. Now the access control industry is on the verge of a similar, groundbreaking development. Once again, the driving force is the transition to TCP/IP-based systems.

Since the introduction of the first network camera by Axis Communications in 1996, digital network video surveillance systems have developed fast and now delivers a wide variety of advanced features that never could have been be attained by solely relying on analog technology. Today, distributors, integrators and, not the least, end users have come to expect a wide range of useful functionalities, such as remote accessibility, high image quality, event management and intelligent video capabilities along with easy integration, better scalability, greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

IP versus traditional access control

The migration of access control systems to a digital environment is sure to bring many comparable benefits, i.e. lowering installation costs, facilitating configuration and management, while simultaneously enhancing the versatility of the systems and opening up for integration with other security products.

Of course, IP-technology is not totally unknown to or unused in the access control industry. But existing systems have not been able to fully exploit the advantages of IP.

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