Guest Column | February 27, 2014

IP Cameras 101: Megapixels Don't Matter — Image Usability Does

IP Cameras Megapixel Count

By James Marcella, Director of Technical Services, Axis Communications

The physical security practitioner has a myriad of electronic devices at their disposal to detect, deter, and deny adversaries from harming people or property. Video surveillance is one such countermeasure used for deterrence and, more importantly, as an assessment tool to verify the events of a given scene and situation. The quality of that video could mean the difference between identifying a suspect or not.

Enter the megapixel camera.

Fueled by the insatiable appetite of consumers everywhere, digital camera, mobile phone, and television manufactures started a pixel count arms race that continues today with the latest buzz surrounding 4K, or ultra high definition television (UHDTV).  The mantra, “More is better,” has made its way into the physical security industry with some equating the number of pixels to the overall quality of an image.

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